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Upgrades and Repairs

We had a computer that was about three years old, but it was going so slowly! We just assumed this was because it was old. Magimedia looked at our system, and surprisingly advised nothing more than a clean up! We were expecting to spend hundreds on replacing it with a new one, but as Magimedia pointed out to us, we would have also had to upgrade some of our software and transfer all our data across, which meant we could not afford to do it. After a simple clean up and system check, it was blazingly fast. We then had some memory added, and a bit more hard drive space, and the computer should last at least another 2 or 3 years before we want to replace it. With the money we saved, we had a weekend break in Spain!

Image symbolising upgrading, showing characters flowing from a typewriter into a modern PC

There are often hidden costs in simply replacing a system. Yes, it is true that you can buy a computer for not much more than the cost of some repairs, but there are other costs to consider.

You need to know if all your existing software will run on the new computer system. Some will, and some wont. Some software producers will offer upgrades for free, others release a new version and expect you to pay full price for it. This also needs to be added to the cost of a new system.

There's also the cost of transferring all your data. If you are not the type of person that religiously backs up and tests your data is all there, you can often find yourself looking for files (often photographs or letters) that you really need, only to find yourself saying "It was on the old computer, we must have lost it when we moved the data across".

Some people think you can take the hard drive from an old computer and just put it a new computer. This can be heartbreaking to watch, as the computer dutifully boots up with all the wrong settings and destroys half the information on the hard disk. This can be totally devastating if you don't have a backup. You should only attempt this if you are an experienced computer user that understands how to add in secondary hard drives correctly and safely, taking precautions to protect the data - a service that Magimedia naturally offer.