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Online Presence

I wanted a simple website that just showcases my photography. I didn't need, or want, a big business site, I just wanted something I could use to show photographs to groups of friends and family, without having to send loads of pictures by email. I also wanted to share my astrophotography with other members of my astronomy group. Magimedia took care of this for me, with a simple website that I can upload my pictures to and set passwords on groups of photos so only the people I want to see them have access.


It is no longer the case that websites are owned by businesses or tech-savvy college nerds. Almost everyone is getting online, and some people choose to have their own website form part of their hobby or interest. In particular, musicians seek to have their own websites to promote their music, and budding photographers seek to show off their latest masterpieces to the world.

Magimedia can setup simple websites that are suitable for your hobby or interest. We can also train you to use systems that already exist, such as MySpace, Facebook and Bebo, that can be used to communicate with others who have similar interests.