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Save space and money.

We have 4 computers in our home! Our main computer downstairs was the first one we have, and has Internet access, printer, scanner and we store the family holiday photos on it. The kids all needed computers for their homework, and there were always fights over who needed the computer, so we had computers put in their rooms. Of course, they all need to print, and all want Internet. We needed to link them together, but had no idea where to start.


Network cables

Networking can share your Internet connection, and more.

Magimedia can install a network that gives you control over your resources. We can install networks, either wired or wireless, that will let you share your Internet connection as well as devices such as printers, so that you do not need to buy a printer for every computer. We can also setup file sharing, so that files on one computer can be accessed on another, with strict controls over what is made available, and what is kept private.

We can also install features on your network that let you control which computers have Internet access, and at what times. If you want a system that only lets the kids access the Internet once they have done their homework, or only at set times of the day, we can make it happen. The Internet connection is often also more reliable when controlled by a network rather than the cheap "USB modems" supplied by many service providers.


Networking is the ideal way to save money and space on not having to buy equipment for every computer, and gaining control over your Internet connection.