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Internet Access

Signing up only gets you so far.

I couldn't work out which service provider suited me, and I was worried about how to get it all going. A lot of the companies are helpful enough to get you signed up, but after the engineer had been and setup the line, I was left to get on with it. They wont setup your computer for you, and if you need help it's a premium rate number that you have to phone that cost me almost £30 in calls, and I still couldn't get my computer sorted out. I would often be left on hold for ages too, which was very frustrating. There's also the worry of not knowing if you are secure! If I had tried to set the system up myself, I would not have even known you need to secure the network to guard against others using it from outside. Thankfully, one call to Magimedia, and we were sorted out online, and secure, within minutes of the technician arriving.


Internet Access

Get your PC setup professionally

The peace of mind of having the computer setup professionally is something that we understand very well. Magimedia have a history of helping people get connected to the Internet, whether it's a simple setup using a standard phone line (dial-up), a high-speed connection (broadband) or a mobile solution for a laptop (Air-card), we can help you get online and have you surfing the Internet quickly.

It's also a sad fact that your computer is often wide open to attack when you first go online. Most systems running Microsoft Windows have security that is poorly configured, or out of date. You can update this when you get online, if you don't mind spending hours downloading updates and have the knowledge to configure them, but many people don't have this knowledge and so don't bother, leaving their computers wide open to attack and abuse.

Magimedia can secure your system so that you are protected from attack. We can advise you on the best anti-virus package, firewall setup, and ways to protect your system even further, as well as teaching you how to ensure you are up to date.

If you want to also add more than one PC onto your Internet connection, or share it with mobile devices such as iPod or PDA, or games consoles, take a look at our Networking service, which is often linked to the Internet.

You should also make sure you read our page on data security!