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Information Crime Prevention

The simplest of mistakes...

It was about a month after I dumped our old computer that we started having problems with the Credit Card. We'd had one bill that had a couple of small transactions on it that we didn't remember. When the next statement arrived, there were hundreds of little transactions through online retailers - they added up to thousands of pounds over the month! We were shocked! Our credit card company hadn't alerted us because the transactions were small enough not to have noticed. Then the worst happened - somebody emptied one of our bank accounts. We suddenly remembered that all the information about our accounts, private letters, and all sorts of information had been on the PC. We had deleted it before we dumped it, but we didn't know that people could undelete that information and get it back. It's the only explanation we have.

I had never really thought about my security at home. We'd seen all the hype about wireless and it seemed the easiest way to get our Internet connection to our laptop, and up to the kids bedrooms. Our Internet connection seemed to slow down a lot, especially at about 6pm most evenings. We were shocked when Magimedia looked at our system, and told us there were 8 other laptop computers connected to our system, and even more shocked when we saw the list of websites that had been viewed. It also explained the strange problem we had a few times when our computer seemed to be operating by itself, and opening documents, making changes, resaving. Magimedia explained it was the system most likely being controlled remotely from another computer using our network. My husband does his banking online too, so I think we were very lucky something worse didn't happen.


Crime scene tape over a monitor with a fingerprint.

...can easily be prevented.

This type of Information Crime is often overlooked. Even people who remember to shred documents before throwing them away, don't always stop to consider what can happen if they dump a computer. Even just having letters you have written, which contain a few personal details, could potentially be used for identity fraud. When you dump a computer, how do you know who will pick it up and recover your data, or what they will use it for?

Magimedia offer a professional data scrubbing service, that not only wipes the drive, but completely trashes the data so that it can never be recovered. We have a range of methods, from the simple "overwrite and blank" that some software offers, through to data wiping systems developed for military use that ensure that the drive can still be used, but the data is not able to be recovered.

Magimedia can also secure your wireless network, and secure your personal computer so that you don't leave your system open, and make your private information available to everyone else. Unsecured networks don't just potentially give access to files on your computer, but also provide a means by which your computer could be watched, as if somebody were looking over your shoulder the whole time, or even controlled remotely.


This service is cheap, reliable, and essential before you dump a computer.