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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 17th Jul 2024

Online Presence

Almost anybody can build a website with very little effort. There are countless drag-and-drop solutions available that will let you build one in a few hours, even if you're a novice. The real skill is in making a good website that complies with the law and that your customers find easy to use. To do this, you'll need to learn about the legal requirements such as accessibility laws, and W3C design standards, plus how different browsers break them. To ensure your site works on everyone's computer, you'll also need to learn about screen mechanics, and compatibility issues between browsers, versions of browsers, operating systems and various plugin technologies. Once you've invested all your time getting to grips with this, you'll then want to learn about scripting languages to add interactive elements to your site, such as forms for customers to complete that let them contact you. Needless to say, during this learning curve, you may lose some customers or gain some negative feedback.

Of course, Magimedia would rather you concentrated on what you do best... running your business!

A website should be more than a brochure online, it should be a sales tool that directs customers to your products and services. It was refreshing to find a developer that was so open about how the site would be developed, and would let our marketing department become so involved. In the past, website developers had tried to keep things hidden, as if they were practicing a secret art, but Magimedia made things clear and simple. The development of the website and how it would reflect the company was completely under our control. I really believe that this open and honest approach is why our website is so effective for our business.

EarthMagimedia believe in letting you play to your strengths. Nobody knows your business as well as you do, and we believe in taking that knowledge and working with you to develop an online presence that works. We will help you to put together a website that directs customers towards your products and services.

Naturally, Magimedia will make sure your website is always available to all your clients. This is achieved by utilising world-class server technology maintained by hosting providers who have a proven track record that is trustworthy and reliable. We also develop all our website code in ways that means that all systems can access your website, regardless of whether they are cutting-edge systems, or an old computer that has seen better days. Excluded visitors are lost customers! We will not exclude anyone from accessing your website.


High-performance servers

We develop our websites on high-performance servers which are fully maintained by our web host, and contained within secure data-houses, as you would expect from any responsible web developer.

Our host has this to say about their servers...

  • Unparalled support
    Fed up with email only support? Speak to our highly skilled staff who are recommended by all.
  • Experience
    Many clients turn to us for advanced features that few other hosts understand, let alone offer.
  • World Class Hardware
    All of our servers are performance powerhouses. You'll not find Celeron processors or 128MB RAM here, only dual CPUs, RAID hotswap disks and 1Gb+ RAM.
  • Enterprise Level Network
    Cisco switches, fibre-optic backbones, multiple carriers, hotswap routers we have the lot.
  • Our Guarantees
    All of our services are backed up with no quibble guarantees and service level agreements.

Unlike most other website developers, we put you in direct contact with the hosting company, and we work together as a team. This is a level of trust unparalleled in website development, as it means you have ultimate control of the hosting package. Many developers simply wont allow you anywhere near the host, feeling they need ultimate control, however, we feel that our levels of service and open honest approach about what we do will mean you simply will not need to look elsewhere. The ability to contact the host direct 24/7 if you need to shows that we place an extremely high level of trust in our clients, as we expect you to place in us. This also means you benefit from the incredibly robust and quick-responding support teams that our hosts have in place. It should be noted, however, that the hosting we have selected is so reliable, we believe you'll never need to contact them!


Powerful real-time statistics

All our servers feature real-time web statistics packages that offer some truely unique features, and it's one of the easiest to use packages available in industry:

  • Live real-time web analytics - reports your web site activity as it happens and the origins map performs real-time geographic segmentation.
  • Email reports - Automatically email fully graphical reports by week or month.
  • Drag and drop report configuration - An industry first in data visualization; you can drag and drop from the palette of report elements to present the information you need.
  • Calendar Graph identifies data trends and anomalies with one click.
  • Keyword search - Many reports can be filtered by keywords, making it easy to drill down on details such as a specific web page or group of web pages
  • Historical data - Up to 365 days or more of historical data is maintained. This provides a strong accurate baseline used for forecasts and trend analysis.
  • Forecasting - So you can quickly determine trends for your website.

Some examples of the statistics package are shown below*. Click on a thumbnail for a closer view.

Pages Report Traffic Report Search Phrases Administration
Pages Report thumbnail Traffic Report thumbnail Search Phrases thumbnail Administration Pages thumbnail

*Examples only. Due to frequent upgrades to the statistics packages, the package you get may differ from that shown.