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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 17th Jul 2024


We had an existing network which we thought was working acceptably, and we were blaming the computers for the problems we were having. In particular, the head of our graphics department insisted that when he sent a print job through to the large colour printers, he could not do anything on that computer for almost 15 minutes while the print job was being sent. We called in Magimedia to look at this problem, and it was a matter of minutes before they found the problem to be our networking equipment and cabling. They replaced this, hiding the cables inside trunking and even equipment inside a false ceiling, which we had asked the previous companies to do and they had said was impossible. It was incredible how much difference this made. We found we could send massive print jobs through to the large printers in seconds rather than minutes, and reliably share all the files across computers too, which we had never manage to achieve before.

Network CablingWe can link up everything from a simple two computer system sharing the Internet, through to networks of hundreds of computers, printers, and even some more unusual networking equipment. We can load-balance your network, so that some departments have higher priority to resources, and ensure that it is all secured.

With a Magimedia networking system, you can also provide wireless access for laptops within your company, and restrict this to only those computers. You can also prevent some systems from having Internet Access, or restrict this to only within certain times of the day.

Whatever your requirements, talk to Magimedia about your networking needs for sensible advice that wont break the bank.