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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 17th Jul 2024

Internet Access

Our needs were simple, and the solution was easy! We wanted high speed Internet access for our company, but we wanted this restricted to only those in the Marketing department and our Managers Offices. Magimedia installed a networking system that managed the connection for us, and restricting access to computers was all achieved quickly and painlessly.

Mouse on a Mouse PadIt is often the case that using a service providers equipment in the manner suggested by the service provider opens up your entire company network to the Internet, encouraging employees to abuse the system by using it for personal use on company time.

Magimedia have the knowledge to provide simple easy solutions to Internet Access within companies. We can provide access when and where it is needed, while preventing access at points where it is not required. We will also insist on securing your network, so that you are protected from possible unwanted access from other Internet uses, and that you have good anti-virus systems in place to protect your valuable information.