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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 17th Jul 2024

Data Destruction

Our business upgraded all our computers and we decided that because you have to pay to have computers dumped, we would give them away to students with the drives wiped. We just reformatted the hard drives and sold the computers for £25 each to anyone that wanted them. This sadly backfired, because we didn't realise that you can just perform data recovery on the drives and get all the information back. That's exactly what some of the students did, and next thing we knew somebody had obtained access to the IT Manager's account and was accessing information that was private to the college. We're much more careful now!

Destroyed ComputersThe more information which is stored on a computer, the more valuable it is in terms of exploiting that information.

Even when you have a computer system that accesses information from a networked server, that information is also stored locally in "temporary files", which potentially could be recovered and reveal information you want kept private.

Magimedia have systems that not only blank the drive, but they scrub the data using algorythms previously developed for military use. This ensures that the information can never be retrieved, even by the most determined user. These removal methods will ensure that nobody can potentially recover and exploit your company's valuable data.