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Business Services - Magimedia Website - 17th Jul 2024

Backup Systems

We'd always worked on seperate computers. We had somebody in accounts that saved everything on their system, and the people in our art department all saved to their own machines. It worked fine for years, so we never gave it another thought - it had always worked that way. Then we had the break in, and thieves got away with everything. They had our payroll information, accounts, banking, artwork, product information, contacts, emails, and we had nothing. The thieves stole our computers, and in so doing, our entire business. This was a devastating blow to us, and we were in the embarrassing situation of having to start again, and spend a fortune on overtime for people to try and re-create the missing information, not to mention the problems we had with contacting clients. Magimedia were brilliant in helping us get new computer systems put in place and a backup system installed - we wished we had called them from the start.

Magimedia set up a backup system for us that we didn't realise the importance of until October last year. We had a flood and loads of electrical equipment got damaged. The backup system that Magimedia had installed meant our business was almost unaffected. They were able to install a replacement server and had all our information back again within a day. Our customers didn't even realise there had been a problem, as we were able to selectively get back information on an "importance" basis, so we could get the work for a few days printed off to allow people to carry on fulfilling orders while the computers were replaced.


Hard drive headPrevention is better than cure.

We can often help recover lost data from systems that have gone down, but we would much rather teach you how to use backup systems that ensure all your data is kept totally secure. Our backup systems cover a wide range of needs, and we can setup everything from simple low-cost backup systems to external drives, through to high-end corporate solutions that use off-site backup systems to store your data away from your location.

Unlike some large telecommunications providers who often roll out blanket backup solutions for a monthly fee that are often largely ineffective, our knowledge of systems is built on experience, and we can tailor your solution to your exact needs in a way that will not tie up your existing resources, and we can teach you how to look after this system so that your business is protected.